January 28, 2016 when you were 27 days old we brought you home. This was another one of the best days of our lives. Mommy snapped a couple photos as soon as you came home and then got busy making your bottles and getting clothes ready for a bath. Daddy laid down with you and snuggled as close as he could. We were nervous you would feel strange in a new place but you did great!

We made sure to keep some things ┬ávery similar for you so it wasn’t a huge change. We used the same blankets, kept the same passi, used the same beanie on your head and also made your bed just like the NICU did. This way we hoped you didn’t get scared or feel lost. We did great! Your transition to home was amazing!

















Now that you’re home we can get on a normal routine of feeding you and getting used to your sleep schedule. From being in the NICU, you are very confused when it comes to day and night. You eat more and sleep more during the day and eat less and sleep less at night. 3-4 hours between feedings seems to be your normal routine, like most other babies as well. This isn’t a big deal at all. Mommy and daddy have come up with a plan and it worked! We enjoy every single feeding, diaper change and time when you’re awake spent with you. We love you so much!