2 positive pregnancy tests

June 14, 2015

It was a Sunday morning and  mommy decided it was time to take a test. As soon as I was near a store that carried…

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1st doctor visit

July 13, 2015

On this day we found out we were 8.5 weeks pregnant and got our very first ultrasound. Mommy and Daddy were both there and we…

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2nd ultrasound

August 8, 2015

Today mommy was going to get an ultrasound and daddy had to work. Mommy was sure to get a picture with her phone and was…

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Went to find out gender

August 27, 2015

Today was going to be an amazing day. I had planned a reveal party to reveal your gender to everyone once the doctor told us…

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2nd Doctor visit to reveal gender

September 23, 2015

Getting the ultrasound was tricky for all of us because I didn’t want to know yet. This made it to where daddy and the doctor…

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Gender Reveal Party

September 28, 2015

The big day for your gender reveal finally came today. The immediate family that lives close by came and we had a balloon popping event…

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Routine checkup

October 19, 2015

Mommy went to the doctor today for a normal checkup. I am at 23 weeks and weigh 157. Belly is a round basketball and so…

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Sugar test

November 24, 2015

Mommy went to the doctor again today for a routine checkup and sugar test. I had to drink a bottle of clear sugary water that…

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Arya Tipton’s Birth Day

January 1, 2016

At 5am mommys water broke and you were here by 5:26pm! Long story short you were perfect at birth. We are so blessed to have…

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