Getting the ultrasound was tricky for all of us because I didn’t want to know yet. This made it to where daddy and the doctor had to be secretive. That they were! The doctor let daddy and I look at the ultrasound together for about ten minutes and then it was time to find out your gender. I turned my head and the doctor and daddy watched, and watched, and watched…… The doctor ended up jiggling my belly several times because you kept sitting on your booty, turning backwards so we could see your back, or laying down completely where it was impossible to see. Finally, after a lot of the doctor typing words on the ultrasound and nodding at daddy, they had me fooled. It was already an hour passed so I said well I guess we have to wait until next time. The doctor laughed and said “oh honey we know”. I was so happy!!!! Daddy got about ten pages of the ultrasound printed and home we went.