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1 & 2 month celebrations

You received stickers for your 1-12 month age celebrations and they were of course from you know who, Aunt Chelsea!

Here are some photos we took for each day to celebrate your life so far. We can’t wait to have the whole 12 month collection.




Visitors, gifts and love galore

It’s all written down in your baby book but mommy wanted to share some of the photos and visitors you have had from birth until now. You have a lot of love out there for you baby Arya. Those who can’t come see you have sent care packages, tons of goodies and called or texted about you almost daily. ┬áThose who can be here have done the same spoiling you with tons of goodies and love. Some people couldn’t get gifts and that was perfectly fine. Showing their love for you is enough!


Here is a collage of some of the photos mommy took of each visitor and gifts sent to you. Some photos couldn’t fit in it!! Yes, there are many more. ­čÖé Please click on it to see it up close.


While mommy was in the hospital giving birth to you your daddy was there, your grandmother Kim and her boyfriend Randy as well were in the room waiting for you to come. Mommy’s family is all in MS and because you were early they couldn’t be here right away. Mommy wanted them to wait because we never knew what would happen, you could be born January 1 or any day after. There was no telling!

Following your arrival your daddys friend Eric stopped by to drop off a snack and drinks for mommy and daddy. That was sweet! Next Uncle Brad showed up to see you and so did mommy and daddy’s friends Marie and Duane. They brought their children Aiden, Carson and Jaidah with them but because you were a premature baby the children weren’t allowed to touch or be near you. This was so heartbreaking to all of us but we couldn’t change it. Your next visitor was daddy’s friend Robbie and by the time he came to visit you were in your own room. It was huge with everything we needed such as a sink, couch, chair, refrigerator, etc. The next visitors were your Aunt Chelsea and her boyfriend Jonny. Last but not least your last two visitors before coming home were daddy’s friend Banden from Canada and mommy’s co-worker and friend Christi from work at Maurices.

Once you came home you started receiving several packages, too many to track! Thanks to everyone who helped! You also began having more visitors now that you were home for good. Your first visitor once coming home that hadn’t already seen you was your Nanny Carol Nylander. She was so excited to finally hold you and look at your tiny little body. She was in heaven. She has spent so much money on you buying everything you need because she “just can’t help herself” as she said. Your next visitor was Jessica, mommy’s other coworker and friend from Maurices. She dropped off several gifts for you too! Too much love!

Your gami┬áTheresa and papaw Tommy came to visit a few days after you came home. They had been ready from day one to drive here but it was better to wait until you came home. Being in the hospital all the time wasn’t going to be good for them so mommy and gami decided it was best to wait. Papaw has a bad back so he is better off being at home too, not in a hospital. When they got here to see you they were both so happy! They spent every moment with you and mommy and took several pictures. Gami loved on you so much!! They love you very much baby girl. They brought you goodies in a bag also and your favorite pillow, the boppy!

Another visitor came by after gami and papaw left who hadn’t seen you yet. Alianna, mommy’s coworker and another friend from Maurices stopped by with a goodie bag too. You have been blessed that’s for sure. Don’t let me forget all the people who have mailed you items! So many friends and family members have sent you gifts! We thank each and everyone of you for the love and care you give to Arya!


My first holiday – Valentines

Your very first holiday after being born was Valentine’s Day! This is a very special one for you because it’s the first. Mommy and daddy got you some goodies and your grandma Kim got you even more! Here are a couple of photos mommy took the morning of Valentine’s day 2016.









These photos are what daddy took with his professional camera later in the evening on Valentine’s day. He loves to get great photos and the “perfect” shot so it took a while. After about 200 photos these are the best ones we came up with. You are just so adorable! Our little princess <3 IMG_4401



1st photo shoot by daddy

Your daddy loves photography and once had his own business in Saint Louis shooting photography. It lasted a short period of time but he learned a lot and is great at what he does know about it. He was so happy to have this opportunity to take some great photos of you while in the NICU, particularly on this evening because it just happened to be time to change your feeding tube. This meant he was right on time to get photos of you with the tube out of the way, taken completely out. Daddy was so excited! Here are the photos daddy took of you.





2 baby showers! Much love <3

We were blessed with two baby showers for you before you were born but I’m a little late blogging about it. It’s ok! They were both amazing showers! Here’s a couple of photos of all the gifts you received. So blessed!









Your nanny Carol Nylander wanted to give you a baby shower on her own and then mommy and daddy would have one together with friends seperately. Your Aunt Chelsea wanted to help with both showers and she did sooooo much for you! She did a great job! Nanny and Chelsea have spoiled you so much at both showers it’s unbelievable. You have so much love for you, as I say all the time. ­čÖé

Here are several more photos of the baby showers, gifts, friends and family who attended.






































These are some amazing gifts! Your first book, your first Christmas decoration with your name on it, so many monogrammed things for you and much more! We can’t wait until you are old enough to look back at these memories and see how loved you were before you were even born. Aunt Chelsea got the frame that says that exact statement for you. We all love you baby Arya!

Ultrasound #4

Here are some photos from your 4th ultrasound, also being the day daddy found out your gender. We feel lucky to have gotten so many photos as most people only get a few pictures to go home with. We got a total of 13! The nurse who took your photos kept on hitting print and we sure weren’t going to argue. Take a look at some of the photos taken on September 23, 2015 below from the doctors office.




Time is flying by and we can’t wait to meet you!! These pictures do no justice as to how cute we can imagine you are going to be. Mommy thinks you will have curly hair like Aunt Chelsea!!! We will see soon!

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