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The latest doctor visit – Sugar Test!

Today mommy went in for a sugar test and ultrasound. First the nurse made me drink a 10 ounce bottle of thick clear liquid that tasted like oranges and sugar. Most people kept telling me it was so nasty but after all it wasn’t that bad. I drank it fast and then was told to sit and wait an hour so they could draw my blood.

During my wait I got to go see my doctor and she did an ultrasound with a hand held machine in which I could hear your heartbeat and movements but there was no picture. Next was time to draw my blood, so I went back in to see the nurse and she took a tube of blood. I am waiting two weeks to go back to the doctor and a phone call to let me know if my sugar levels are off track. If so I will have to go on a strict diet.

Today your heart rate was 134 and you kicked the nurse pretty hard when she pushed down on my belly while she felt what she thought was your leg. She then had me feel the same area and you moved around kicking several times. It was quite funny. I don’t think you liked being woke up at all. You tend to sleep during the day with little movement and be awake at night with lots of movement.

Mommy weighed 165 today and when I found out I was pregnant I weighed 134. The doctor measured my belly at 27 weeks which is right on time. My weight gained is perfectly normal. I just look like I’m carrying around a basketball. Most people say I am small and I take that as a compliment. I just knew I would gain 100 pounds or more but so far so good. Not much longer to go!

Time for a 2nd ultrasound

Mommy feels like one lucky lady to have two different ultrasounds so early into her pregnancy. I am now at about 12 weeks pregnant and getting my second ultrasound already! I love when I get to see you!!!

Your appearance has changed so much in the past couple of weeks! You have grown legs and arms and a body. It’s amazing to see the transformation from a little pea to a little human! Mommy and daddy are watching you grow already and of course mommys belly is growing with you.

Mommy has only gained about 5 pounds at this point but to me that feels like a lot. My pants are a little tighter and I can tell that any day now you will be poking out of my belly. I’m actually ready for this to happen so I can show the world my exciting news. We are having a baby!!!


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