Yessssss! Discharge day! The day finally came. All of a sudden in your last week of being in the NICU you went from eating 50ml of breast milk all by yourself to 70+! The doctor warned us this might happen and for that we are so happy and proud of you! We got the word they were going to stop using the feeding tube on January 24th, 2016. The restrictions were as long as you ate all by yourself and kept gaining weight you could come home and the tube would come out. Mommy was determined! Here is daddy holding you when your tube was taken out before going home.


We figured out why most of the time you didn’t take your full feeds alone. You fell asleep! ALL THE TIME! Mommy learned that in order to get you to drink more we had to wake you up however possible. Sometimes that meant taking off your clothes or changing your diaper again. Mommy did what had to be done and let the nurses know to do the same thing. Once this was clear with everyone you started drinking your full feeds. Mommy and daddy couldn’t have been happier!

In order to be discharged on January 27th you had to pass a car seat test. Mommy was so worried but of course you aced that test as well as all the other tests you took. We are amazed at your determination and will to be here and be doing so well. Your litle tiny body in that car seat is what scared mommy so much but to my surprise you were just fine.

IMG_4225 IMG_4226 IMG_4228 IMG_4227













Discharge day came along January 28, 2016 after passing the heart test and car seat test. Daddy and mommy had a ton of things to do before coming to get you. We made it to the hospital around noon thinking okay she will be out of here in no time. WRONG! They took forever!! They had to do another blood test and we ended up being there until around 4pm.

Finally, after all their extra duties we wheeled you out of there and put you in your car seat and drove home. We were so nervous. Daddy was extra careful driving and made sure not to harm our baby.

IMG_4245 IMG_4247







You slept the whole way! You took a huge poop too! Sitting up in that position helped your belly out a lot, LOL! ­čÖé We were just glad to finally have you home where you belong. 28 days in the NICU is a long time for mommy and daddy not to have you home! At last, we could enjoy every moment with our sweet baby!