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1 & 2 month celebrations

You received stickers for your 1-12 month age celebrations and they were of course from you know who, Aunt Chelsea!

Here are some photos we took for each day to celebrate your life so far. We can’t wait to have the whole 12 month collection.




Getting Crafty

Aunt Chelsea brought a huge surprise to our house after you were born. Mommy had shown her an example of a letter “A” to paint and put on the wall or door. I got the idea from a friend, Jessica who I used to work with. She made one for her daughter and I fell in love. Well, guess what? Aunt Chelsea showed up with all the supplies to make it and it turned out beautiful!

Here are a few photos to show the process and results. Mommy and Chelsea worked hard on this all night long and we are proud of it. It now hangs on your bedroom door.







My first holiday – Valentines

Your very first holiday after being born was Valentine’s Day! This is a very special one for you because it’s the first. Mommy and daddy got you some goodies and your grandma Kim got you even more! Here are a couple of photos mommy took the morning of Valentine’s day 2016.









These photos are what daddy took with his professional camera later in the evening on Valentine’s day. He loves to get great photos and the “perfect” shot so it took a while. After about 200 photos these are the best ones we came up with. You are just so adorable! Our little princess <3 IMG_4401



Photos of you after birth

Mommy and daddy have been taking so many photos of you since you were born. I have 350 already and you’ve only been born for 23 days as of today. I am printing them all off this week and framing them all over the house. So happy to have such a beautiful little girl in our lives.

We love and cherish every single moment spent with you and can’t help but to take photos all the time. Here is a nice collection of some of our favorite photos.

Day 1 & 2 – January 1st and 2nd of 2016
We first got to meet you in these photos. Daddy and mommy were so happy you were healthy and so amazed at how tiny you were with those long legs!! The photos of us holding you are from day two. We were so anxious to get your little tiny self into our arms. This made our entire lives!! They say you never know a love until you hold your first born child. They are correct times infinity. You had us at hello!

































Day 3 – Mommy got to go home and get fixed up so she could take better pictures with you. Daddy and mommy went home fast and got ready and came back to see you. Here are a few of our favorite photos from this day.





2 baby showers! Much love <3

We were blessed with two baby showers for you before you were born but I’m a little late blogging about it. It’s ok! They were both amazing showers! Here’s a couple of photos of all the gifts you received. So blessed!









Your nanny Carol Nylander wanted to give you a baby shower on her own and then mommy and daddy would have one together with friends seperately. Your Aunt Chelsea wanted to help with both showers and she did sooooo much for you! She did a great job! Nanny and Chelsea have spoiled you so much at both showers it’s unbelievable. You have so much love for you, as I say all the time. 🙂

Here are several more photos of the baby showers, gifts, friends and family who attended.






































These are some amazing gifts! Your first book, your first Christmas decoration with your name on it, so many monogrammed things for you and much more! We can’t wait until you are old enough to look back at these memories and see how loved you were before you were even born. Aunt Chelsea got the frame that says that exact statement for you. We all love you baby Arya!

The latest doctor visit – Sugar Test!

Today mommy went in for a sugar test and ultrasound. First the nurse made me drink a 10 ounce bottle of thick clear liquid that tasted like oranges and sugar. Most people kept telling me it was so nasty but after all it wasn’t that bad. I drank it fast and then was told to sit and wait an hour so they could draw my blood.

During my wait I got to go see my doctor and she did an ultrasound with a hand held machine in which I could hear your heartbeat and movements but there was no picture. Next was time to draw my blood, so I went back in to see the nurse and she took a tube of blood. I am waiting two weeks to go back to the doctor and a phone call to let me know if my sugar levels are off track. If so I will have to go on a strict diet.

Today your heart rate was 134 and you kicked the nurse pretty hard when she pushed down on my belly while she felt what she thought was your leg. She then had me feel the same area and you moved around kicking several times. It was quite funny. I don’t think you liked being woke up at all. You tend to sleep during the day with little movement and be awake at night with lots of movement.

Mommy weighed 165 today and when I found out I was pregnant I weighed 134. The doctor measured my belly at 27 weeks which is right on time. My weight gained is perfectly normal. I just look like I’m carrying around a basketball. Most people say I am small and I take that as a compliment. I just knew I would gain 100 pounds or more but so far so good. Not much longer to go!

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