Choosing names at first seemed like it was going to be a perplex job. If you were a girl naming you was actually effortless. Daddy suggested Arya and I was 100% ok with this without any doubts. If you were going to be a boy, naming you was a tough job from the get go. After we found out the gender I was so elated we had already picked out a name for you. There were three main reasons why we chose your name and how to spell it.

The first thing your daddy said was “I like Arya.” Keep in mind I was thinking of the spelling Aria the whole time while he apparently wasn’t. When we discussed it I asked him why he chose that. He said that name for a girl is in the TV Series Game of Thrones. I got so excited because I used to watch a TV Series called Pretty Little Liars and there is a girl on there named Aria and I love her name, always have from the beginning of watching it. There was no reason for me to disagree. I fell in love with your name.

The next step was to pick a boy name in case you were a boy. I wrote a list of names and daddy didn’t like any of them. I was blown away and could not come up with any other unique names for you. I was so sad and just hoping for that reason you just might be a girl. When we found out you were a girl we were so thrilled and knew there was no more worrying to be done about your name. Arya it was!!

At your gender reveal party your daddy decided to announce that he liked the spelling Arya while mommy only thought of Aria. He then proceeded to show me the meaning and it really hit our hearts. Here is the definition: “The name Arya is an Indian baby name. In Indian the meaning of the name Arya is: Noble goddess. People with this name have a deep inner desire for love and companionship, and want to work with others to achieve peace and harmony.” The more I think of this meaning the more I feel like it describes a few people in your life. Not only your father, but your mother and her mother. This is something grandma Theresa has lived by and shown me her whole life. How to keep peace and harmony in your life along with love and companionship. I have made that a point in my life and daddy too. We are so happy that’s what your name means.

With your name being an Indian name it just fits right in the family. Your daddy is among the Choctaw Indian heritage and I am among the Cherokee Indian heritage. Knowing this name’s origin is Indian just makes naming you Arya that much more acceptable. Now you know three main reasons why you are named Arya. I hope you love your name as much as we do!!