We were prepared to see you again and find out your gender today. Mommy wanted to keep it a secret until we celebrated a gender reveal  party the coming weekend. Daddy and the doctor both agreed it was too hard to be sure what gender you were because your legs were crossed and the umbilical chord was in between your crossed legs. Dr.Bailey and daddy decided it was best to wait until our next visit before anyone makes a final decision.

Although we couldn’t tell in the ultrasound, this picture is another amazing view!! You are right at 16 weeks old today! We can see your head on the left and your little ear. We can see your hands in the air and the image barely shows your legs. Don’t be afraid, we did see them too! You are the size of an open fist which is still tiny. You are growing fast now!! We can’t wait for the next appointment so we can find out more about you!!

We scheduled the appointment for four weeks away. That is a long time to wait but you are worth the wait. We can’t wait to find out your gender and continue to celebrate your life! We can’t wait to name you and meet you one day soon. Only five more months to go!