A lot has happened while you’ve been in mommy’s tummy! I am 4 months pregnant now and you already have had a very nice vacation as well going to the beach twice. In your second month of growing inside mommy’s belly, your daddy decided to take mommy on a surprise trip for our 13 year anniversary and 3 year wedding anniversary. It was a special few days! I had no idea daddy was taking you and I to the Outer Banks of North Carolina!!! This is a beautiful beach to visit as well as having many interesting activities to be involved in or just watch for fun. He tricked me until the roads proved him wrong along the way. That was a good trick played on mommy!

In your third month of growing inside mommy’s belly, you and mommy got to go to Salt Lake City, Utah and stay at Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort in the mountains. The reason daddy didn’t go is because it was a trip paid for by the company mommy worked for, Maurices clothing store. Where we stayed is the home of the Sundance Film Festival that millions of people are aware of. Artists and actors go here all the time to enjoy the peace  and beauty of nature surrounding the resort. There were horse rides, ski lifts, zip lines, an art studio to make jewelry or pottery and so much more to explore and do while visiting. This was an amazing trip and we both handled it well. A few times mommy felt sick from the planes we rode and also the vehicles going up and down the mountains, but we made it everywhere without getting sick. This was definitely a trip mommy will never forget especially since you were a part of it.

One more exciting thing was a second beach trip! You got to go again while mommy was 3 months pregnant. This time daddy and mommy were just taking their annual beach trip to Wilmington, NC beaches. We always invite the friends so Marie, Duane and the lovely kiddos met us there. We hung out for hours and then had lunch and went to visit Marie and Duane’s new home. We all had such a great time. As soon as Marie saw me she said she teared up and could see my waddle in my walk. Pregnant ladies seem to waddle!!!

You have so many people speculating what you are, a boy or a girl. There are also many people waiting to meet you and show you how much they will love you, just like they love mommy and daddy. Both mommy and daddy’s coworkers care a lot about you and your health. Your aunts and uncles are so excited we are finally pregnant after 13 years together. Your grandmothers and grandfathers couldn’t be more proud and eager to meet you.

Your whole family is offering suggestions for naming you, although daddy picked a girl name already and mommy was already in love with the name so we are keeping it. Daddy had no trouble naming a girl name. Aria is what he said first. He said he has loved that name since the TV show Game of Thrones. What was great about that was mommy already loved that name from the actor Aria who plays on Pretty Little Liars TV show. That was a very easy agreement! Boy names are a different story! Mommy actually wrote down several on a sheet of paper and after talking to daddy they all were scratched out. We are still working on boy names.

I am sure you will have a lot more adventurous moments before you are even born. I will always write about it so you can one day read this blog and learn about your life before you were even outside of mommy’s belly.