Today was the big day your gender was revealed. We had this day planned for a while now and even had to cancel the first party I planned a month ago due to not being 100% sure of your gender. On September 23rd daddy and I went back to the doctor again to try once more to find out your gender through an ultrasound. After an hour I finally knew your gender was known but there was a twist. I didn’t want to know what you were yet because of the gender reveal party I had planned. I wanted to be surprised too! Daddy had a BIG secret to keep until today!!!

Getting the ultrasound was tricky for all of us because I didn’t want to know yet. This made it to where daddy and the doctor had to be secretive. That they were! The doctor let daddy and I look at the ultrasound together for about ten minutes and then it was time to find out your gender. I turned my head and the doctor and daddy watched, and watched, and watched…… The doctor ended up jiggling my belly several times because you kept sitting on your booty, turning backwards so we could see your back, or laying down completely where it was impossible to see. Finally, after a lot of the doctor typing words on the ultrasound and nodding at daddy, they had me fooled. It was already an hour passed so I said well I guess we have to wait until next time. The doctor laughed and said “oh honey we know”. I was so happy!!!! Daddy got about ten pages of the ultrasound printed and home we went.

The big day for your gender reveal finally came today. The immediate family that lives close by came and we had a balloon popping event which was going to reveal your gender. Aunt Chelsea had played a big part by putting all of the balloons onto the board mommy had purchased and decorated. Daddy had a big part in it too. He was the one, and only one according to him 😉 to put the confetti into a black balloon in either a pink color or blue color. He insisted on doing this himself. It was so cute! Aunt Chelsea did an amazing job at putting the balloons on and getting them all so beautiful aligned. It was so cute! Here is the link to the YouTube video so you can watch it one day.

Today was such an exciting day! After the reveal we ate homemade lasagna and cupcakes. Your grandmother (Daddy’s Mom) and Nanny (daddy’s grandmother) kept telling me and daddy congrats and how they are very excited too! Nanny said she can’t wait to have a baby shower. She’s even picked out a date that I don’t even know will work yet. That’s how ready she is, haha! I called your other grandmother (mommy’s Mom) and she knew you were a girl all along too because of your heart rate and how it was so similar to mine and your aunt Amber’s (mommy’s sister). They are both also so excited and anxious to meet you too. I then called your grandfather (mommy’s daddy) and asked him what he thought your gender was. He said boy! WRONG. I told him girl and he said “another worm haha”. He is calling you my nickname as a child because you move so much in your ultrasounds, just like I always did as a baby. Anyways you’re going to love, love your grandmothers, great grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles and cousins. You have a huge family waiting to meet you one day.

The video was recorded and shared on facebook and immediately a coworker of mine at Maurices named Alianna went and bought a little girls gift for you. Alianna is already spoiling you!! You have a lot of excited family ready to meet you and so happy you’re a GIRL!!! Daddy may be tough at times but he’s very smart and you should always listen to him. Him and I are prepared to show you the world and teach you so much one day! We can’t wait until your newest due date: February 19, 2016. It was February 23, 2016 so it has moved up. Either way, you’ll be here in 5 months!!! Come on little princess, come on!