January 1, 2016 at 5am mommy woke up to a wet feeling. I got up and went to the bathroom and knew something wasn’t right. I’ve never had a pregnancy so I wasn’t quite sure what was happening. I called our doctor and she told me to go to the hospital asap. This was on the morning of January, 1, New Years Day. Of course New Years Eve daddy and mommy stayed up late so we were both tired. I tried to wake daddy and his eyes rolled back in his head and he was out of it. I knew he couldn’t drive me so off I went about two or three miles to the hospital myself.

After entering and telling them I think my water broke they had me walk all the way to the back of the hospital where they had a room ready for me. They put me on all kinds of monitors and ran an IV in my arm to try and stop contractions. At this time you were 34 weeks old in my belly and the doctors wanted to try and stop an earlier birth than 35 weeks. They tried hard but nothing was working. They decided to send me off to another hospsital who had a NICU unit incase you were born early. This way you could be well taken care of. I called daddy and let him know and he showed up quickly.

When I was transferred to Wake Med in Raleigh, NC daddy went home for a nap because nurses said decisions had to be made and he needs to rest. We seperated and off I went to Wake Med. When we got there contractions were still coming and nothing was stopping them. The nurses checked and said I was 1 CM still at about 9am, our arrival time. I layed there and let the nurses and doctors monitor me, while they were still trying to stop contractions and watch you and mommy closely. The nurses and doctors would talk about possibly a C-section or epidural for labor. The only option at this point in their mind was to let me lay there and see what was going to happen. If I dialated enough that meant labor and if anything went wrong that meant c-section. So we waited….and waited….and the contractions got worse….and worse….and worse.









I decided to call daddy to come on up because by noon I was dialated 2cm. This meant you weren’t stopping. You were ready to get here. Daddy showed up quickly and we decided to wait together. The nurses were so nice and stayed by moms side most of the time. They were having a hard time deciding what to do which aggravated mommy but there was nothing I could do. Around 2pm they checked me and said I was only 3cm. This meant it could be anytime. The nurse checked my blood count and said white cells were up and that meant maybe an infection, possibly from the placenta. She was a little concerned but it wasn’t bad enough for a c-section just yet. They decided to prep for an epidural because I was dialated 3cm.


I waited forever for them to get the epidural ready it seemed. Daddy was by my side telling me it was going to be ok but by 3pm the contractions had gotten so bad I could not stand it anymore. The nurse gave me a little shot in my IV of some pain medicine which lasted all of five minutes. This was the worst pain I can explain and there was no getting away from it. Finally the nurse decided at 5pm to check me and said it was too late for an epidural and that I was already 8cm and that means it’s time to deliver. I was hollaring so much because it hurt so bad. They strolled me down the hall to the delivery room right after 5pm.


I became a little delusional at this point because of the pain and can’t remember too much. I know they put your daddy in a suit so he didn’t spread germs and sent us into a small room lit up with lights. Nurses were everywhere and your daddy was by my side. I was screaming in pain and the doctor walked in and told me to put up my legs and breathe. Then he told me when to push and it was almost impossible. Nurses were in my face telling me it will all be okay and to breathe because the pain made me hold my breath. Finally after another huge contraction I pushed as hard as I could, three times. After number three you came into the world. I just stared at the doctor holding you and pumping your chest to make you breathe. I started crying because you were so small and fell in love immediately. The nurses took you away and strolled me back into my room to clean up.

It was 3 hours later when daddy and I finally got a room of our own away from the delivery side of the hospital and were near where you were in the NICU. It was finally time to see you!! We had waited 3 long hours for this moment. When we walked in before we could see you we had to wash up and get clean of germs or any dirt on our hands and arms. We finally saw you for the first moment and daddy got a picture. You were so small! Only 3 pounds and 5 ounces. Your hands and feet were so tiny but you had the longest legs we could have imagined possible. Your head was so tiny and your face just so beautiful. You were still a little swolen but that went away fast. Mommy and daddy were so happy to see you!













From the moment we got to see you we fell in love. The emotions and thoughts running through our heads were endless. We now had a new human being and soul to love and cherish and raise to be an amazing girl and woman one day. We were overwhelmed with joy and couldn’t have ever felt a stronger love than the moment we met you. This day showed us true love and we are so happy to have you in our lives. We are so happy you were born healthy, no problems just low birth weight. You were just ready to come into this world and for that we are greatful!