You were born at 34 weeks old which meant you are a preemie baby. Your weight was only 3 lbs and 5 ounces so the NICU center is where you have to stay until you can come home. There are certain milestones you have to pass before they release you. Today makes 23 days that you have been in the NICU. That’s a long time to mommy and daddy. We are so anxious for you to come home we can’t stand it.

While we wait for your discharge we have been to see you every single day, sometimes all day long. The nurses encourage us to spend the days with you and nights at home and we do agree after seeing how uncomfortable the couch and chair are in your room. So we let you rest at night and spend our days with you. Daddy has to work so he’s there every morning and evening holding you and singing to you. ūüôā

We can’t wait for you to come home! The last milestone to get you home is you eating your full feeds without needing a tube from your nose to your belly to fill you up with the rest of what you don’t eat on your own by bottle or breast. Right now you are at 43% of eating your full feeds so we’re so close we can taste it! Here are a few posts to facebook we made each day about your status. You will feel our excitement and love in each and every post!


January 1, 2016 Thanks everyone for the kind words and prayers! Mommy, daddy and baby we’re all champs! She’s doing everything on her own and with that should be able to come home soon. She’s healthy, 15.5 inches long and weighed 3.5 at birth. Mommy doesn’t want to leave her side!!! Daddy is gone to get uncle Brad Tipton and then come back to love on her. We will be able to hold her tomorrow! I’ve already gotten a wink and a smile so I’m happy to know she knows my voice. ~court

January 3, 2016 Mommy and daddy are home and already ready to go visit our baby girl. We will wait until tomorrow though because she is in good hands. Daddy let me watch a video of her so I didn’t miss her so bad. Time to clean clean clean and clean some more. Can’t wait to have her home!!! ~court

January 4, 2016¬†First night home was a huge success! Just wishing baby girl was here too. Mommy got up every 3 hours to pump milk and got up to 70 ml this morning. She will not go hungry that’s for sure! Now daddy has to go take it to her and then go to work. Mommy can’t drive so I’m going to miss her today. Daddy is going to take me to see her after work. Oh the anxiety is setting in. I want to be with her 24/7!!! ~court

January 5, 2016¬†Arya gained weight today & she never even lost a whole pound. She is back up to 3.07 pounds now. She got her own room so we can visit all day and night now. She had a dirty diaper today, second one so that’s a plus too! Mommy and daddy got to cuddle with her on our chests and she squeezes our fingers while she sleeps. Can’t wait to see what she gains tomorrow and get her to 5 pounds! Praying it happens fast. ~court

January 7, 2016¬†With baby girl and doc said she is full on ready for feeding, not just practice. She’s maturing very fast. Can’t wait to do this! She will come out of covered isolette by weekend and should be good to go soon after!!!! My heart is so happy! ~court

January 8, 2016 We just left from visiting baby girl today! So proud she did much better with practicing feeding today. She did not whine at all!! Now if I can just get her to not pass out sleeping on me we will be good. Tomorrow we will try again twice and see how she does. Nurses want mommy and daddy to rest more while we can. Hate leaving her though! ~court

January 9, 2016¬†I want to say thanks to all those who prayed for Arya, had someone pray over her pictures and those of you who sent your love. We are blessed she has no issues and we’re so scared but proud in the same moments. She is doing so well and we have faith she will continue to gain weight and be home soon. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers! ~Courtney

January 10, 2016 Another milestone has been completed by lil miss Arya! She is now over her birth weight!!! She did very well feeding today as well. So proud!

January 16, 2016¬†Sitting right beside Arya who is lying on daddy’s chest and they’re both sleeping so good in her room at the hospital. I’m monitoring every movement to make sure she’s ok. This is a beautiful sight to see 💞💝😍 ~court

January 18, 2016¬†We haven’t updated everyone in a few days. Arya is still doing great! We just have to get her to a full feed without needing to finish eating through her tube. She is averaging about 20ml and we need her to 35. She gets tired so fast and we do all we can to keep her awake. Please keep praying she gets there fast! Mommy needs bonding time before returning to work and daddy wants to love on his princess at home asap!! Thanks everyone for your continuous thoughts, prayers and blessings!!! ~court

January 19, 2016 Arya hit 4 pounds and one ounce in weight last night! So happy!! ~court

January 23, 2016¬†Our baby girl took two full feedings last night from a bottle!!! We’re getting closer to getting her home!!! 🙏👍😁💟💕 So proud of her!! ~court

All we can do is wait for your discharge and keep staying by your side. You have done so well and all the nurses and doctors are so proud of you. They brag on you and come to visit you all the time. Until you can come home, we must wait….and wait…..and wait.