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The day Arya Tipton was born 1-1-2016

January 1, 2016 at 5am mommy woke up to a wet feeling. I got up and went to the bathroom and knew something wasn’t right. I’ve never had a pregnancy so I wasn’t quite sure what was happening. I called our doctor and she told me to go to the hospital asap. This was on the morning of January, 1, New Years Day. Of course New Years Eve daddy and mommy stayed up late so we were both tired. I tried to wake daddy and his eyes rolled back in his head and he was out of it. I knew he couldn’t drive me so off I went about two or three miles to the hospital myself.

After entering and telling them I think my water broke they had me walk all the way to the back of the hospital where they had a room ready for me. They put me on all kinds of monitors and ran an IV in my arm to try and stop contractions. At this time you were 34 weeks old in my belly and the doctors wanted to try and stop an earlier birth than 35 weeks. They tried hard but nothing was working. They decided to send me off to another hospsital who had a NICU unit incase you were born early. This way you could be well taken care of. I called daddy and let him know and he showed up quickly.

When I was transferred to Wake Med in Raleigh, NC daddy went home for a nap because nurses said decisions had to be made and he needs to rest. We seperated and off I went to Wake Med. When we got there contractions were still coming and nothing was stopping them. The nurses checked and said I was 1 CM still at about 9am, our arrival time. I layed there and let the nurses and doctors monitor me, while they were still trying to stop contractions and watch you and mommy closely. The nurses and doctors would talk about possibly a C-section or epidural for labor. The only option at this point in their mind was to let me lay there and see what was going to happen. If I dialated enough that meant labor and if anything went wrong that meant c-section. So we waited….and waited….and the contractions got worse….and worse….and worse.









I decided to call daddy to come on up because by noon I was dialated 2cm. This meant you weren’t stopping. You were ready to get here. Daddy showed up quickly and we decided to wait together. The nurses were so nice and stayed by moms side most of the time. They were having a hard time deciding what to do which aggravated mommy but there was nothing I could do. Around 2pm they checked me and said I was only 3cm. This meant it could be anytime. The nurse checked my blood count and said white cells were up and that meant maybe an infection, possibly from the placenta. She was a little concerned but it wasn’t bad enough for a c-section just yet. They decided to prep for an epidural because I was dialated 3cm.


I waited forever for them to get the epidural ready it seemed. Daddy was by my side telling me it was going to be ok but by 3pm the contractions had gotten so bad I could not stand it anymore. The nurse gave me a little shot in my IV of some pain medicine which lasted all of five minutes. This was the worst pain I can explain and there was no getting away from it. Finally the nurse decided at 5pm to check me and said it was too late for an epidural and that I was already 8cm and that means it’s time to deliver. I was hollaring so much because it hurt so bad. They strolled me down the hall to the delivery room right after 5pm.


I became a little delusional at this point because of the pain and can’t remember too much. I know they put your daddy in a suit so he didn’t spread germs and sent us into a small room lit up with lights. Nurses were everywhere and your daddy was by my side. I was screaming in pain and the doctor walked in and told me to put up my legs and breathe. Then he told me when to push and it was almost impossible. Nurses were in my face telling me it will all be okay and to breathe because the pain made me hold my breath. Finally after another huge contraction I pushed as hard as I could, three times. After number three you came into the world. I just stared at the doctor holding you and pumping your chest to make you breathe. I started crying because you were so small and fell in love immediately. The nurses took you away and strolled me back into my room to clean up.

It was 3 hours later when daddy and I finally got a room of our own away from the delivery side of the hospital and were near where you were in the NICU. It was finally time to see you!! We had waited 3 long hours for this moment. When we walked in before we could see you we had to wash up and get clean of germs or any dirt on our hands and arms. We finally saw you for the first moment and daddy got a picture. You were so small! Only 3 pounds and 5 ounces. Your hands and feet were so tiny but you had the longest legs we could have imagined possible. Your head was so tiny and your face just so beautiful. You were still a little swolen but that went away fast. Mommy and daddy were so happy to see you!













From the moment we got to see you we fell in love. The emotions and thoughts running through our heads were endless. We now had a new human being and soul to love and cherish and raise to be an amazing girl and woman one day. We were overwhelmed with joy and couldn’t have ever felt a stronger love than the moment we met you. This day showed us true love and we are so happy to have you in our lives. We are so happy you were born healthy, no problems just low birth weight. You were just ready to come into this world and for that we are greatful!

2 baby showers! Much love <3

We were blessed with two baby showers for you before you were born but I’m a little late blogging about it. It’s ok! They were both amazing showers! Here’s a couple of photos of all the gifts you received. So blessed!









Your nanny Carol Nylander wanted to give you a baby shower on her own and then mommy and daddy would have one together with friends seperately. Your Aunt Chelsea wanted to help with both showers and she did sooooo much for you! She did a great job! Nanny and Chelsea have spoiled you so much at both showers it’s unbelievable. You have so much love for you, as I say all the time. 🙂

Here are several more photos of the baby showers, gifts, friends and family who attended.






































These are some amazing gifts! Your first book, your first Christmas decoration with your name on it, so many monogrammed things for you and much more! We can’t wait until you are old enough to look back at these memories and see how loved you were before you were even born. Aunt Chelsea got the frame that says that exact statement for you. We all love you baby Arya!

The latest doctor visit – Sugar Test!

Today mommy went in for a sugar test and ultrasound. First the nurse made me drink a 10 ounce bottle of thick clear liquid that tasted like oranges and sugar. Most people kept telling me it was so nasty but after all it wasn’t that bad. I drank it fast and then was told to sit and wait an hour so they could draw my blood.

During my wait I got to go see my doctor and she did an ultrasound with a hand held machine in which I could hear your heartbeat and movements but there was no picture. Next was time to draw my blood, so I went back in to see the nurse and she took a tube of blood. I am waiting two weeks to go back to the doctor and a phone call to let me know if my sugar levels are off track. If so I will have to go on a strict diet.

Today your heart rate was 134 and you kicked the nurse pretty hard when she pushed down on my belly while she felt what she thought was your leg. She then had me feel the same area and you moved around kicking several times. It was quite funny. I don’t think you liked being woke up at all. You tend to sleep during the day with little movement and be awake at night with lots of movement.

Mommy weighed 165 today and when I found out I was pregnant I weighed 134. The doctor measured my belly at 27 weeks which is right on time. My weight gained is perfectly normal. I just look like I’m carrying around a basketball. Most people say I am small and I take that as a compliment. I just knew I would gain 100 pounds or more but so far so good. Not much longer to go!

Why we chose A-R-Y-A

Choosing names at first seemed like it was going to be a perplex job. If you were a girl naming you was actually effortless. Daddy suggested Arya and I was 100% ok with this without any doubts. If you were going to be a boy, naming you was a tough job from the get go. After we found out the gender I was so elated we had already picked out a name for you. There were three main reasons why we chose your name and how to spell it.

The first thing your daddy said was “I like Arya.” Keep in mind I was thinking of the spelling Aria the whole time while he apparently wasn’t. When we discussed it I asked him why he chose that. He said that name for a girl is in the TV Series Game of Thrones. I got so excited because I used to watch a TV Series called Pretty Little Liars and there is a girl on there named Aria and I love her name, always have from the beginning of watching it. There was no reason for me to disagree. I fell in love with your name.

The next step was to pick a boy name in case you were a boy. I wrote a list of names and daddy didn’t like any of them. I was blown away and could not come up with any other unique names for you. I was so sad and just hoping for that reason you just might be a girl. When we found out you were a girl we were so thrilled and knew there was no more worrying to be done about your name. Arya it was!!

At your gender reveal party your daddy decided to announce that he liked the spelling Arya while mommy only thought of Aria. He then proceeded to show me the meaning and it really hit our hearts. Here is the definition: “The name Arya is an Indian baby name. In Indian the meaning of the name Arya is: Noble goddess. People with this name have a deep inner desire for love and companionship, and want to work with others to achieve peace and harmony.” The more I think of this meaning the more I feel like it describes a few people in your life. Not only your father, but your mother and her mother. This is something grandma Theresa has lived by and shown me her whole life. How to keep peace and harmony in your life along with love and companionship. I have made that a point in my life and daddy too. We are so happy that’s what your name means.

With your name being an Indian name it just fits right in the family. Your daddy is among the Choctaw Indian heritage and I am among the Cherokee Indian heritage. Knowing this name’s origin is Indian just makes naming you Arya that much more acceptable. Now you know three main reasons why you are named Arya. I hope you love your name as much as we do!!

Ultrasound #4

Here are some photos from your 4th ultrasound, also being the day daddy found out your gender. We feel lucky to have gotten so many photos as most people only get a few pictures to go home with. We got a total of 13! The nurse who took your photos kept on hitting print and we sure weren’t going to argue. Take a look at some of the photos taken on September 23, 2015 below from the doctors office.




Time is flying by and we can’t wait to meet you!! These pictures do no justice as to how cute we can imagine you are going to be. Mommy thinks you will have curly hair like Aunt Chelsea!!! We will see soon!

Gender Reveal Party

Today was the big day your gender was revealed. We had this day planned for a while now and even had to cancel the first party I planned a month ago due to not being 100% sure of your gender. On September 23rd daddy and I went back to the doctor again to try once more to find out your gender through an ultrasound. After an hour I finally knew your gender was known but there was a twist. I didn’t want to know what you were yet because of the gender reveal party I had planned. I wanted to be surprised too! Daddy had a BIG secret to keep until today!!!

Getting the ultrasound was tricky for all of us because I didn’t want to know yet. This made it to where daddy and the doctor had to be secretive. That they were! The doctor let daddy and I look at the ultrasound together for about ten minutes and then it was time to find out your gender. I turned my head and the doctor and daddy watched, and watched, and watched…… The doctor ended up jiggling my belly several times because you kept sitting on your booty, turning backwards so we could see your back, or laying down completely where it was impossible to see. Finally, after a lot of the doctor typing words on the ultrasound and nodding at daddy, they had me fooled. It was already an hour passed so I said well I guess we have to wait until next time. The doctor laughed and said “oh honey we know”. I was so happy!!!! Daddy got about ten pages of the ultrasound printed and home we went.

The big day for your gender reveal finally came today. The immediate family that lives close by came and we had a balloon popping event which was going to reveal your gender. Aunt Chelsea had played a big part by putting all of the balloons onto the board mommy had purchased and decorated. Daddy had a big part in it too. He was the one, and only one according to him 😉 to put the confetti into a black balloon in either a pink color or blue color. He insisted on doing this himself. It was so cute! Aunt Chelsea did an amazing job at putting the balloons on and getting them all so beautiful aligned. It was so cute! Here is the link to the YouTube video so you can watch it one day.

Today was such an exciting day! After the reveal we ate homemade lasagna and cupcakes. Your grandmother (Daddy’s Mom) and Nanny (daddy’s grandmother) kept telling me and daddy congrats and how they are very excited too! Nanny said she can’t wait to have a baby shower. She’s even picked out a date that I don’t even know will work yet. That’s how ready she is, haha! I called your other grandmother (mommy’s Mom) and she knew you were a girl all along too because of your heart rate and how it was so similar to mine and your aunt Amber’s (mommy’s sister). They are both also so excited and anxious to meet you too. I then called your grandfather (mommy’s daddy) and asked him what he thought your gender was. He said boy! WRONG. I told him girl and he said “another worm haha”. He is calling you my nickname as a child because you move so much in your ultrasounds, just like I always did as a baby. Anyways you’re going to love, love your grandmothers, great grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles and cousins. You have a huge family waiting to meet you one day.

The video was recorded and shared on facebook and immediately a coworker of mine at Maurices named Alianna went and bought a little girls gift for you. Alianna is already spoiling you!! You have a lot of excited family ready to meet you and so happy you’re a GIRL!!! Daddy may be tough at times but he’s very smart and you should always listen to him. Him and I are prepared to show you the world and teach you so much one day! We can’t wait until your newest due date: February 19, 2016. It was February 23, 2016 so it has moved up. Either way, you’ll be here in 5 months!!! Come on little princess, come on!

My journey so far

A lot has happened while you’ve been in mommy’s tummy! I am 4 months pregnant now and you already have had a very nice vacation as well going to the beach twice. In your second month of growing inside mommy’s belly, your daddy decided to take mommy on a surprise trip for our 13 year anniversary and 3 year wedding anniversary. It was a special few days! I had no idea daddy was taking you and I to the Outer Banks of North Carolina!!! This is a beautiful beach to visit as well as having many interesting activities to be involved in or just watch for fun. He tricked me until the roads proved him wrong along the way. That was a good trick played on mommy!

In your third month of growing inside mommy’s belly, you and mommy got to go to Salt Lake City, Utah and stay at Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort in the mountains. The reason daddy didn’t go is because it was a trip paid for by the company mommy worked for, Maurices clothing store. Where we stayed is the home of the Sundance Film Festival that millions of people are aware of. Artists and actors go here all the time to enjoy the peace  and beauty of nature surrounding the resort. There were horse rides, ski lifts, zip lines, an art studio to make jewelry or pottery and so much more to explore and do while visiting. This was an amazing trip and we both handled it well. A few times mommy felt sick from the planes we rode and also the vehicles going up and down the mountains, but we made it everywhere without getting sick. This was definitely a trip mommy will never forget especially since you were a part of it.

One more exciting thing was a second beach trip! You got to go again while mommy was 3 months pregnant. This time daddy and mommy were just taking their annual beach trip to Wilmington, NC beaches. We always invite the friends so Marie, Duane and the lovely kiddos met us there. We hung out for hours and then had lunch and went to visit Marie and Duane’s new home. We all had such a great time. As soon as Marie saw me she said she teared up and could see my waddle in my walk. Pregnant ladies seem to waddle!!!

You have so many people speculating what you are, a boy or a girl. There are also many people waiting to meet you and show you how much they will love you, just like they love mommy and daddy. Both mommy and daddy’s coworkers care a lot about you and your health. Your aunts and uncles are so excited we are finally pregnant after 13 years together. Your grandmothers and grandfathers couldn’t be more proud and eager to meet you.

Your whole family is offering suggestions for naming you, although daddy picked a girl name already and mommy was already in love with the name so we are keeping it. Daddy had no trouble naming a girl name. Aria is what he said first. He said he has loved that name since the TV show Game of Thrones. What was great about that was mommy already loved that name from the actor Aria who plays on Pretty Little Liars TV show. That was a very easy agreement! Boy names are a different story! Mommy actually wrote down several on a sheet of paper and after talking to daddy they all were scratched out. We are still working on boy names.

I am sure you will have a lot more adventurous moments before you are even born. I will always write about it so you can one day read this blog and learn about your life before you were even outside of mommy’s belly.

Ultrasound #3

We were prepared to see you again and find out your gender today. Mommy wanted to keep it a secret until we celebrated a gender reveal  party the coming weekend. Daddy and the doctor both agreed it was too hard to be sure what gender you were because your legs were crossed and the umbilical chord was in between your crossed legs. Dr.Bailey and daddy decided it was best to wait until our next visit before anyone makes a final decision.

Although we couldn’t tell in the ultrasound, this picture is another amazing view!! You are right at 16 weeks old today! We can see your head on the left and your little ear. We can see your hands in the air and the image barely shows your legs. Don’t be afraid, we did see them too! You are the size of an open fist which is still tiny. You are growing fast now!! We can’t wait for the next appointment so we can find out more about you!!

We scheduled the appointment for four weeks away. That is a long time to wait but you are worth the wait. We can’t wait to find out your gender and continue to celebrate your life! We can’t wait to name you and meet you one day soon. Only five more months to go!

Time for a 2nd ultrasound

Mommy feels like one lucky lady to have two different ultrasounds so early into her pregnancy. I am now at about 12 weeks pregnant and getting my second ultrasound already! I love when I get to see you!!!

Your appearance has changed so much in the past couple of weeks! You have grown legs and arms and a body. It’s amazing to see the transformation from a little pea to a little human! Mommy and daddy are watching you grow already and of course mommys belly is growing with you.

Mommy has only gained about 5 pounds at this point but to me that feels like a lot. My pants are a little tighter and I can tell that any day now you will be poking out of my belly. I’m actually ready for this to happen so I can show the world my exciting news. We are having a baby!!!


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